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You’ve done the hard work and spent the last couple of months tirelessly writing and editing your work. Now, the time has come for the final push as you prepare your dissertation for submission.

Before you do just that, consider a second set of trusted eyes to iron out potential MISTAKES and ERRORS that could prove to be COSTLY! 

You don’t want all the sleepless nights to go to waste, do you? As an experienced proofreader, I’ll run through your document thoroughly, remove those pesky errors and relieve the stress that you are feeling right now. 

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I fully proofread your Masters or PhD thesis and fix all English errors in the process.

Proofreading & Editing

I'll improve the flow and quality of your written document so you can have peace of mind.

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"I was so stressed out about finding the best proofreading service. I do not know many services and people had warned me about crooked services. Then I saw Sofiya Proofreader and my heart easily felt at ease. Not only does she offer a lot of great suggestions, she makes sure you know how and where you can find resources to improve your work."
Sofiya Proofreader Testimonial by Dalhat
Masters Student
"I am truly satisfied with the service and how the paper turns out after I did all the amendments based on the suggestions and the changes you made. For sure, I will recommend you to my fellow PhD mates. May God bless you always. You are part of the credit now!"
PhD Student
"Sofiya was professional, efficient, detailed oriented and understood exactly what I required. She met all the deadlines and was responsive in turning the draft given into final document. I was very pleased with the end result and will be keen to use her again for future projects
Kyrin Ali
Project Manager
"I think my English is good enough, however, grammar is not my forte. Therefore, I had to relinquish control of my thesis for its first-ever proofreading. I realise now that there was no reason to be hesitant as Sofiya is really good and knows what she is doing. Her skills and experience, along with her professionalism has been a constant reassurance that my thesis is in good hands. She is quick to respond, listens to your concerns and addresses all questions and subsequent comments that you may have, as I did. 🙂 I submitted my thesis thereafter and there were no more comments about the need to be proofread. Yayy! I would recommend her services without a doubt, as I am sure I will also return to engage her services in the future."
Sarabjit Kaur
PhD Student